A poem about an experience in my life in which nature was the teacher. (My Favorite Post)

A sketch of the Snowy Mountains by Amelia Nielsen

Come forth into the light of things,

Let Nature be your teacher.

— William Wordsworth in The Table Turned.


Blind you are unable to see the beauty in the different shades of green and white,

The Lights that synthesises the soul.

Deaf you must be unable to hear the quarrel of those perched above and hiding within,

The sounds that inspire one’s mind.

Tasteless you are unable to consume the fruits of its glory and majesty,

The sustenance it grants to the body.

Anaptic you must be unable to feel the grains of broken rock scattered in a collage,

The stories they tell that birth wisdom.

Anosmic you are unable to smell the eucalyptus and floral scents prancing in the air,

The colours they paint that create calm.

Numb you must be, unconscious to its call,

Gifted with these senses but observant to none.

Behold, it stands at the door and knocks,

Will anyone hear its voice and open the door?

Spontaneous nourishment of a time immemorial, 

Long forgotten and hidden in plain sight.

When writing this poem, I drew inspiration from the tendencies of writers such as William Wordsworth to reference biblical text (in my poem I loosely quote the book of revelations). This poem is inspired also by my own personal experience in the Snowy Mountains a place I retreat to often to reflect on myself and relax. I try to highlight the value I now find in this natural place contrasted by my prior unappreciation (I use to spend a large amount of my time consumed by technology). There is this idea that romantic writers like William Wordsworth in The Table Turned try to illustrate, that knowledge, is not exclusive to books and the rigidity of logical thinking. There is in fact a very real wisdom, a nourishment to be gained that is self-evident in the ‘natural’.

3 thoughts on “A poem about an experience in my life in which nature was the teacher. (My Favorite Post)

  1. This is wonderful. Both the fact that a techology-buff has had a religious conversion to nature and this amazing poetic effort to harmonize your experience with what you have learned from Wordsworth. By the way The Snowy Mountains is also one of my “sacred places”… I have been there in summer especially watching the early spring flowers in around December….. Great work Abanoub!


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